Return Policy

We are committed to providing the best service that enhances the presence of our customers in the market and achieves the highest sales for them. Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchases, let us help you with the exchange or return according to the terms of our return policy.


Return policy

If you wish to return or exchange your purchases, please note that the specified time period for returning and exchanging the product begins from the day you receive the product and lasts for 14 days. This applies only to new products and according to the conditions specified below.

As for used devices, GuTelecom company allows you to inspect the product in the Dubai free zone before shipping it to your country, and you can refuse to receive it if it does not meet the specifications.

However, after it has been shipped to your country, or if it has been shipped without inspection in Dubai, sales are final, and returns, exchanges, or refunds are not allowed if you have accepted the product.


Return and Restocking Fees

Some of the products we sell have return and restocking fees, and the value is determined based on the type of product.

  • Restocking fee for mobile phones, except for those paid in advance, is $15.
  • Return and restocking fee for other devices is 00% of the product value.
  • There are no restocking fees if the purchase and return are made within Hong Kong or Dubai.

Non-returnable products

Returns, exchanges, or refunds are not allowed for the following products:

  • Special shipping orders
  • Used device orders
  • Products that did not arrive in perfect condition with all their accessories, in their original sealed packaging.
  • Returns of defective products will not be accepted if not reported within 3 days of receipt.

Please note that return requests may cause you to lose some of the purchasing benefits you previously received, whether they were payment discounts or free gifts.


Ways to return products

There are two ways to request a product return:

  • Contact the technical support service at the GuTelecom store and submit a request to return the product to the relevant employee.
  • Contact us at and get instructions on how to return the product by mail.


Contact us

If you have any questions about our return policy, contact us via the e-mail address

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