About us

GuTelecom is a company specializes in trading and distributing all types of electronic devices, new and used, to shop owners and B2B companies in the Middle East, through auction or direct sale.


About us

After years of experience spanning 10 years, GuTelecom has become one of the leading companies in the trade and distribution of high-quality selling electronic devices & smart devices, at competitive prices, while providing the best logistics services; that is how we earned us the trust and satisfaction of customers.



We provide company owners and wholesalers with the service of shipping “new” electronic devices to the free zone at Dubai Airport, with the possibility of inspection before shipment by the customer to ensure their quality.



In our services, we pursue effective B2B marketing strategies, which made our company well-known in the field of trading and distributing electronic devices, and brought us more customer accounts on our online store.

By opening an account on our store, the customer can purchase the electronic devices he or she needs directly, or through an auction. In turn, we take care of shipping the goods to the free zone at Dubai Airport, so that our client will then be responsible for shipping them to his country.



  • Quality and individuality
  • Efficiency and development
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Customer support
  • Team spirit



To strengthen our local presence in all countries of the world, and become at the forefront of B2B companies specialized in distributing and shipping various types of electronic devices and tablets of high quality and competitive price.



What we aspire to through the electronics we provide to the customer at competitive prices, and the best logistics services we offer; is to assist companies, store owners and wholesalers in:

  • Strong competition
  • Enhancing presence in the market
  • Increase market share
  • Achieve the highest sales
  • Earn more profits



  • Providing professional services with speed, accuracy and transparency that enhance business growth for our customers.
  • Gaining customer satisfaction and trust in our professional services that exceed their expectations.
  • Creating a positive work environment based on respect, understanding, flexibility and transparency.
  • Continuous development of our services by training and developing our human resources.
  • Expanding the scope of the company and increasing its cadres with competencies in various disciplines.


Our story

Our story began in 2013 in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in the city of Dubai, when three novice entrepreneurs started buying and reselling smart devices through Facebook and e-commerce stores targeting Middle Eastern countries, while providing delivery service.


In 2020, our business grew and flourished, after most of the purchasing transactions went online due to the COVID-19 crisis. After we used to sell 10 to 15 devices daily, sales increased to about 500 devices. So we decided to establish a company in Dubai, targeting marketing for companies (B2B).


Over time, our experience in distributing new electronic devices increased, and by studying the market, we found that the best products were imported from Hong Kong.

So, we decided to have a presence in one of them to increase our market share and put our company at the forefront.


The idea turned into a tangible reality on the ground when we launched a company in Hong Kong, which enabled us to purchase electronic devices directly from the Hong Kong market and then distribute them locally and internationally.


The government facilities provided to foreigners for establishing companies in Hong Kong, as well as tax exemptions and flexible procedures, helped us launch our company in Hong Kong, making it an attractive environment for foreign investment from various countries around the world.


Why choose our company?

  • More than 10 years of experience
  • High quality and competitive prices
  • Professional logistics services
  • Distribution to all countries of the Middle East
  • Delivery with guaranteed shipping companies
  • We take care of shipping to Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • We accept payment by bank transfers and MasterCard
  • Inspect the goods and make sure of their quality before receiving them

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